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1998 - Initial year, the event is called „Žilinský malý trojboj“ and the race was done in pieces, there were breaks between the disciplines
1999 - 1st year, triathlon as it should be
2000 - 2nd year, new name: „Žilinský malý triatlon“
2002 - 4th year, international participation for the first time
2004 - 6th year, change of Bike track, not to Višňové anymore but in the streets of the city
2005 - 7th year, changed name to „Žilinský triatlon“, recording time with chips for the first time, adding the category of juniors and open category, the unregistered 
2006 - 8th year, change of the transition area place, which was moved to the parking lot of OC Dubeň, change of running track, instead of running to the park, participants ran to the grounds of Žilinská univerzita, Veľký diel
2007 - 9th year, record number of participants - 180
2008 - 10th year, change of the event sites, after ten years, we left the grounds of city swimming pool in Žilina and moved to the Žilina water dam
2011 - 13th year as the best year from the organizational point of view and with the highest number of participants
2012 - 14th year, the event got a main partner and with that a new name „Garmin Žilinský Triatlon“
2013 - 15th year, the event stretched out over two days with new cross triathlon race
2017 - 19th year, record number of participants – 520 
2018 - 20th year, Žilina triathlon as a part of 2018 Triathlon Junior European Cup




Pain will pass, pride remains.
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